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Childrens Art Easels - A Great Gift for Children | Art Easel

Childrens Art Easel – A Great Gift For Children

Post date: January 11th, 2011

The Childrens Art Easel is available in a range of designs and suitable for a range of ages from toddlers to teens. The choice of easels includes versions with traditional chalkboards, dry erase boards and ones where the surfaces can be magnetic.

Childrens Art Easel imageThe easels magnetic surfaces can be used with magnetic clips for holding paper in place, or with magnetic numbers and letters. The preformed magnetic numbers and letters can be used for spelling or math’s practice games, or for practicing their letters by using them as reference guides.

One of the many good point about a childs easel is that it give a child a dedicated space of their own, one that doesn’t have to be shared with adults. Children are often delighted to have their own personal activity space, it can validate their sense of worth and gives them an area that they are responsible for. But most of all they can have a lot of creative fun with one.

Childrens art easel choices include many versions that are double sided, with a traditional chalkboard on one side and often a dry erase board on the other. Also one of the surfaces can be magnetic too, these are for use with magnetic paper clips, numbers and letters. Then a there is often a paper roller to dispense and hold blank paper for drawing and painting on.

There are models that have trays and shelves that can hold paint cups, erasers, markers, crayons, and all manner of supplies that any young artist may find useful. Many also have a selection of trays for storage that are removable for easy cleaning too. An easel with good storage means less clutter around the house, plus with all the art materials in one place setting up or packing away is less time consuming, time always seems in short supply.

Childrens Art Easel – A Lasting Gift

A chilrens art easel can often be adjusted in height, this means it will still be useful as your child grows. A good quality art easel can be handed down to subsequent generations or as most easels are double sided, two children can be using it at the same time. This type of easel provides a great opportunity to share creative time with siblings or friends Overall this makes them very good value as toys, as few other toys will give so much entertainment over such a long period of time.

Childrens Easel image

Childrens easels can be made of wood, fiberboard, types of tough plastic and some are of metal. No matter what the easel is made of their design and quality is most important. All materials have their uses; the plastic bodied models can be light, yet tough and are probably the easiest to clean, which makes them ideal for the younger artist. Whilst the wooden art easel versions are more likely to appeal to the more sophisticated teenage user.

Children love to paint and draw from the first chance they get to hold a pencil or paintbrush. It expands their creative imagination and improves their hand eye co-ordination. No matter what their artistic ability is to start with, they will improve and may become very competent, but what is certainly guaranteed is that there will be a lot of fun along the way. So if you are looking for a great value gift that is a lot of fun and educational too, you won’t do much better than getting an childs easel.

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