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Art Easel For Kids - More Than A Toy | Art Easel

Art Easel For Kids – More Than A Toy

Post date: August 17th, 2011

An art easel for kids can be one of the best “toys” young children can have. I use the word “toy” with some reservation, because although all toys can play a part in a childs development, an art easel opens up an infinite creative world like few other “toys” can.

A kids art easel sits there ready to encourage that spark of creativity. Being creative is so important for a child’s long-term development, it is not only good to have their artistic expression be encouraged just for itself, but creative thinking will always prove to be useful.

Step2 Flip and Doodle Kids Art Easel Desk with StoolOf course seeing an art easel for kids as an educational device is an adult perspective, a child just sees them as a way of having lots of fun. It’s almost unheard of to find a young child who doesn’t like to paint and draw when given the opportunity to do so. From the earliest time when a child is able to hold a pencil or crayon they enjoy making their marks on paper, carpet, sofa or your walls! Rather than try to discourage where they shouldn’t draw, which can give the message “don’t draw” it’s so much better to encourage where they can draw. Eventually this will be to use a purpose designed art easel for toddlers.

Nothing seems to inspire young hands more than a childs easel. With access to chalk, paint, crayons, dry erase markers, a clean sheet of paper and childs imagination a journey is started that can lead to amazing places. Encouraged these skills can develop into a lifelong outlet of expression. What adult doesn’t admire the ability of others to be creative, perhaps wishing that they had had the facilities and most importantly the encouragement to be artistic as a child, but now perhaps you can do this for your children.

An art easel not only benefits children, but the parents, grandparents or however looks after the children too. An easel is a useful because it can be a great place to keep all the art materials together, as many of them come with built in storage containers. It can also save all the fuss that can be caused when floor or table space has to be cleared up at meal times etc., and work in progress can be left to dry or be ready for the next session.

Out of all the toys you can ever give your child, an art easel can well become one of the most used and loved creative tools. It is one that can awaken their creative ability, expand their imagination and create a life long interest in art.

Art Easel For Kids Of All Ages

Art Easel For Kids imageKids art easels come in a number of designs, suitable for all ages from toddlers onwards. Most easels are double sided so that two children can be using them at the same time. Often one side is a chalkboard and the other a dry-erase board. There are also easels where the one side is magnetic so that paper, magnetic numbers and letters can be easily be moved around to practice spelling or maths.

The great thing about easels is that they will usually be adjustable and be suitable for use over a several year age range, and be robust enough to last for use by several generations of kids. This makes art easels very good value for money, even if you choose a top of the range model.

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